Meet Rachel, our new team member!

Hi, my name is Rachel and I am the Training Facilitator at Osburn Training Academy. I began working within the health care industry five years ago, and I have experienced a variety of roles including, Support Worker, Domiciliary Healthcare Assistant and Complex Fast Responder. Whilst working within these roles I have continued my studies at University which involved psychology and mental health. In December 2020 I completed my Masters in Psychology and I am now extending my research on Alzheimer’s Disease, which I completed during my Masters, to progress to a Ph.D. level.

My style when delivering training involves having a strong communication and interaction between different groups of people, which helps both in encouraging and supporting each individual’s learning styles and abilities.

I love reading and I love theories but most importantly I love caring for people and I hope that by combining these, I can provide you with a focused, fun and honest environment to learn and grow in.


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