End Of Life Care

This is my first attempt at a blog, I’m being brave? My 16-year-old says I have to be cool and casual lol (I’m not sure I’ve done that!!)

When asked the question what training do I enjoy delivering I had to dig deep… people who know me would expect me to reply safeguarding, BUT I really surprised myself when my answer was ‘End of Life Care’. As a tutor, I feel it’s my job to enable learners to be able to work together, confidently, safely and honestly to deliver a good experience for the person that is dying and for those left behind.

Dying, Death and Bereavement are an important part of everyone’s lives, they happen to us all and many of us will be affected by the death of people close to us. I feel training is really important in reducing the stigma attached to talking about death and supporting carers to understand their role in delivering co-ordinated person-centred care. Many of us plan and talk about birthdays, weddings, holidays but we shy away from talking about death.

Whilst the Osburn training covers the EOL Core Skills Education and Training Framework I hope the training I deliver also allows learners to really think about how they communicate, what would matter to them? This then allows carers to breakdown their own barriers, in a safe environment, to have honest conversations and consider clients as individuals. For me, this is key to the best End of Life Care and I guess this is why this training matters to me as I see learners confidence and knowledge develop.



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