Level 2 Mental Health Awareness

There are likely to be many occasions when a health care worker will come across an individual who is suffering with a Mental Illness. This course can give you the tools to be confident in your work and shows you how to offer the right support at the right time. It’s important to know how to assess a situation to offer the right kind of support. When you can understand why a person behaves in a certain way, you can manage their care more effectively. This half-day course comprises an engaging mix of activities with fellow learners.   Course content
  • Defining Mental Health
  • Laws and legislations
  • The different types
  • Stigmatisation
  • The Continuum of Mental Health
  • How to identify and care for people with Psychotic Disorders
  • Communication
  • Understanding of the reason for Psychosis in its varied forms
  • Emotional support
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