Jenny – Training Manager

My name is Jenny, and I’m the Health and Social Care Training Manager for Osburn Training Academy. Before coming joining Osburn Training Academy I worked in several different Health and Social Care environments, dental nursing, care of the elderly, private nanny. I also worked at Airedale General Hospital on a mixed Psychiatric Ward. I subsequently attended University to gain my Social Work qualification. On graduating from University my career has covered a full range of child and family work within both statutory and non-statutory settings both as a Social Worker and in management positions.

There have been many celebrations and challenges during my career and I’ve worked within lots of multi-disciplinary staff teams, therefore I value the importance of team working and gaining knowledge from each other.

I’m not academic, but I love learning and throughout my career I have embraced lots of new models of working and delivered this to teams. I enjoy working with ‘real’ people and have delivered groups to parents and young people for several years. Through this, I found a new passion in training adults. My Adult Education and Training Qualification brought me to where I am today…..

I hope I create a learning environment that is focused, fun, safe, that will bring the best out of all learners. Studies tell us that we learn better when we are comfortable and happy. Happiness and positive emotions create chemicals, that when released into the brain, has a positive effect on our memory and our brains’ ability to learn.

I would describe myself as a ‘Cream Egg’, hard on the outside but soft and gooey inside. I’m a proud mum to my three wonderful children, love my family time and I’m of an age when I like to set myself new personal challenges, so watch this space!


Jane – Training Administrator

Hi, my name is Jane and I’m the Administrator here at Osburn Training Academy. I’m the first friendly face you will see when you enter the office, as my desk is right near the entrance!  I’m also the face behind all the training invites, updates and correspondence which we send out.

I really enjoy meeting people so this role is perfect for me as I meet so many new learners! I also find that my organisational and customer service skills, which I developed in my previous career in Banking, come in really handy.

I live locally, have been married for 30 years and have 2 wonderful grown-up daughters. I love spending time with my family and friends and enjoy going away on holiday.


Rachel – Training Facilitator

Hi, my name is Rachel and I am the Training Facilitator at Osburn Training Academy. I began working within the health care industry five years ago, and I have experienced a variety of roles including, Support Worker, Domiciliary Healthcare Assistant and Complex Fast Responder. Whilst working within these roles I have continued my studies at University which involved psychology and mental health. In December 2020 I completed my Masters in Psychology and I am now extending my research on Alzheimer’s Disease, which I completed during my Masters, to progress to a Ph.D. level.

My style when delivering training involves having a strong communication and interaction between different groups of people, which helps both in encouraging and supporting each individual’s learning styles and abilities.

I love reading and I love theories but most importantly I love caring for people and I hope that by combining these, I can provide you with a focused, fun and honest environment to learn and grow in.