We know that when it comes to choosing your learning provider reviews can help make your decision that little easier. That’s why we ask all of our learners for feedback at the end of their sessions with us.

Below are just a few of the amazing comments that we have been left over the last few months. If you’ve trained with us recently we would love to hear what you thought of your course so drop us a message!


“Thanks so much, keep safe had a day training at new place of work, Osburn are by far the best trainers, we had fun 🙂 take care and thanks again, Sarah”

“It was a pleasure training with you, you are such nice people I just wanted to say you are a wonderful (tutor) and I really enjoyed learning from you, K”

“I learn better in a relaxed environment and group discussions So loved this training”

“Every aspect of training was Awesome and Amazing”

“The training refreshed my knowledge and I learnt some amazing and funny facts that I won’t forget, training really made me think!”

“Last week was very fun and I really enjoyed learning new skills, which I can now put into practice. I would like to thank you for helping me through gaining my care certificate. Heidi”

“Thank you for adding more knowledge to my care experience, your teaching was brilliant I appreciate it.”

“Thank you for this week. From when we first spoke until we met I have felt listened to and respected, important and understood. You have shown me in lots of little ways that you have seen me and what’s important to me and can’t tell you how much of a difference that has made. The things that others have found difficult with me, you have understood and allowed. You’ve helped me to find the confidence again to find and be me a little more in the workplace. Thank you so much for that.”

“Thanks for acknowledging my skills and competence, it was really great to have you as a trainer. Thanks for all that you did for me its really appreciated ”

“Great training, loved the comfy, relaxed atmosphere”